Power in Numbers, Victory in Him

“Bruh you should sleep at our house so I’m not home alone”

I got this text last night from one of my younger siblings and couldn’t help but respond

“You need your big buff older sis to protect you?? I’ll be there in 30”

On my drive over to my parents house I was thinking about how reassuring it is to simply have someone there.

Anxiety can significantly decrease knowing you’re not alone

Because there is power in numbers

There was a very low chance anything bad would’ve happened if he were to be home alone

But if something did to go wrong, I would be there 

I think that’s what calms my anxiety

Knowing I’m never going to be alone

Having people in your corner is life changing

They don’t have to fight your battles or protect you

Just knowing they are there makes all the difference

But there is someone in my life who’s always been in my corner, someone who is not only there when I need him but right alongside me in the ring

When I get knocked down or can’t do it anymore, He steps in

I’ve had the hardest time feeling worthy of His love

Worthy of his fight

But He’s already won

And where I saw a broken, unlovable girl

He saw me for who I was 


Not only worthy and deserving of love, but the greatest love


My biggest cheerleader, my greatest support

My Savior

I saw a video a few years back that talked about how hard it is to get in contact celebrities

You could spend your whole life trying to get Taylor Swift’s attention and chances are she’d never bat an eye.

But the greatest of them all is available 24 hours, Seven days a week.

He not only listens to you, He wants to hear from you

He wants to hear about your horrible day or how depressed you’ve been feeling lately

How amazing your week was or how grateful you are for where you’re at

He wants to hear it all

You want to know the best part?

He understands it all because he’s been there.

He felt everything you’ve felt. 

He knows how it feels to be knocked down

He knows how divorce crushes you 

He knows how devastating it is to lose a loved one

He is always there. He’s in your corner, He’s right alongside you, He is wherever you need Him

“I felt the Savior’s love when my sister passed away. It didn’t make me less sad, but it made me feel less alone”

A quote that brought tears to my eyes as I was sitting alone across the world

There is power in numbers

But there victory in Him

Knowing he is there won’t always make me feel less anxious or sad 

But I will never be alone because of everything He is

My God


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