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If not this, something better

I was visiting with my old humanitarian trip leaders, two people who I was deeply inspired by. One of them started talking about their relationship struggles and He said one thing that has stuck with me ever since.

“God only works in upgrades”

Now you may not believe in a God, but whatever higher power you may believe in, I am a firm believer that your higher power truly works in upgrades. I think that is one of the greatest things to believe in. Knowing it’ll never be “the best it gets” for me.

Relationships will come and go, accompanied with heartache that sometimes lasts a lot longer than we expected. Trying to hold onto that person or life that deep down you know, cannot be a part of you anymore.

The God I believe in truly wants the best for me and he’s able to see past my current circumstances.

If you were given the option to give up what you have now for something much better that you couldn’t yet see, would you do it? 

I have talked to many friends who have gone through breakups, job loss, situations that completely turned their life upside down. I always tell them the same thing;

“God only works in upgrades”

Because if it didn’t work out with the person you thought you’d be with forever, imagine what it’ll be like when that “upgrade” comes into your life. 

You picture how your life will be based on current and past circumstances. Your mind does not know the unseen good that is coming. Look back on times where you endured through a really difficult time and came out better because of it. Or lost a job that led you to another that you never would have found without that loss. 

That feeling of needing a change or to let go of a friendship that is no longer helping you get to where you want to be, listen to it. 

It’s hard letting go of the reality you live in. It hurts like hell to lose something you once had.

It’s also incredibly exciting knowing the upgrade you’re about to have. That picture that shattered into a million pieces did not just break. Those broken pieces are being picked up and shaped into a much better picture.

YOU are not broken! You are learning to live a life you haven’t lived. So be patient, give yourself all the love you can. Enjoy it, you will never be where you’re at right now, ever again. So, look forward to those upgrades but experience the life you’ve been given.

Picture a mirror that was dropped on the floor, shattered into pieces. As you look into the pieces of that broken mirror and it looks as if you are broken. That is simply perception of the mirror. not who YOU are.

It’s okay to feel broken, but don’t identify with it. You are so much more than your thoughts.

When you feel ready, get back up, shake off those broken pieces and use them to create something beautiful.

If not this, something better

Repeat that to yourself over and over as you look at yourself in the mirror. Even through that shaky broken breath, desperately missing the life you had or just lost.

If not this, something better.


One comment on “If not this, something better”

  1. Reagan
    June 20, 2024 at 7:26 pm

    I needed this ❤️

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